What do I do if I have missing/damaged/stolen/lost books?

Missing a book?
Follow the steps below to check the status of your order.

  1. Check tracking to ensure it wasn't shipped separately on your LMP Dashboard.
  2. Ensure your class actually requires a book by looking at the textbook list.
  3. Double-check that you don't already have the book - some books are used across multiple terms and you may already have it in your possession.
  4. Still missing your book? Contact us.

Received a damaged book?
You may receive a used book, but the books should be in usable condition. If there is excessive writing or wear, contact us and send a picture - we will replace the book for you and/or mark it in our system as damaged so you aren't charged at the end of the year.

Book was stolen/misplaced?
All books are the responsibility of the student. If your book(s) are stolen/misplaced, you will still be responsible for returning your book(s) at the end of the term. We recommend that you purchase (not rent) a replacement from the LMP Homepage. Purchasing a replacement in advance will enable you to use the book through the end of the term and return the book to avoid replacement fees; this option is the most affordable option in this scenario.

Any stolen books should be reported to campus security or you should file a police report to ensure the incident is documented. In many cases, renter/homeowner's insurance have a clause for incidents such as these.